Soulful portraits


This is my mom with my daughter.  There are now once again three generations of women in my immediate family.  It makes me think of my grandmother and how special she was to me. I cherish the photos I have of myself with her.  Since she passed away four years ago I keep them all over my house, reminding me that she’s still here, just in a different way.  I want to give this gift to more families – the gift of multigenerational portraits with real soul.  I want my daughter to have this gift when she’s older – a small reminder of all the love her grandmother gave her right from the beginning of her life.  We don’t know how long we really have with our parents, which is why it’s so important to capture their smiles and cuddles while we can.

IMG_6452My mom took this photo of me and my daughter.  I handed the camera over to her after I photographed her without her shirt on.  I’ve always wanted to do that kind of work with my mom.  To show off the body that carried me and my sisters and brought us into this world.  At first she was nervous and self-conscious but after a while she was joyfully laughing and all I could see was her beauty, not the scars or her belly that she usually hides away.  I thought it was only fair that she get behind the lens and that I should be as brave as she was.  It’s hard when our bodies don’t look like the ones we see in the main stream media.  We are not photoshopped.  We do not have personal trainers.  We are mothers with scars and stretch marks.   But the more we (meaning myself and all the other artists and photographers doing this work) add these authentic images to mix, then the more likely they are to become the new normal in the future.


This is the work I want to do. I want to photograph women and children, families and relatives, in a way that captures the joy and hope that lives in our homes.  Please call/text or email me to talk about I can help you share your family’s story.



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