SmartyPants Turns 2!

IMG_2480I remember the day SmartyPants opened two years ago.  My son was one year old and I thought that I had hit the jackpot — this is in OUR neighborhood!  And indeed it has been a ray of sunshine on rainy winter days and one of our favorite places to go and play throughout his childhood.  It’s owned by Amber Gauntlett, a mama of two herself.  How she has managed to start and grow a business as diverse and exciting as this is so inspiring to me.  Her children are a little older than mine so I feel like there’s hope for me that one day my business will also bloom and grow as hers has.  There’s so much going on at SmartyPants that it’s easy to spend hours there painting, molding, coloring, crafting, and of course playing in the rainbow rice, my favorite staple activity.  I was so grateful for the opportunity to document their birthday celebration and I hope we’re doing that for many years to come.  Please go to to learn more.

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