“She Inspires 365”: A great gift for Mother’s Day!

SheInspires365 Moms Arbor Lodge

In honor of Mother’s Day 2017 I wanted to do something special: I wanted to capture a moment in time.  A moment with the mothers in my neighborhood who have met and become friends because of Harper’s Playground.  A moment with the women and children who have become my lifeline since I became a mom.  If it was not for these women I may have slipped into a dark place.  They saved me from loneliness and made me feel loved and accepted.  They never judged me.  They have fed me, loved my children, shared their homes, and showed up for us on a daily basis.  This is what community looks like.

It’s also a moment when we are all breastfeeding our children, from eleven weeks to three years old.  At first I thought this was a great idea.  And then I worried about how we would wrangle so many little ones at the same time AND try to breastfeed them for a photo.  But it must have been meant to be because as soon as we asked all the kids to gather, they became focused and quiet.  It was magical!  It was peaceful and quiet for five whole minutes!  Some of them even pretended to nurse their baby dolls.  I think the magic comes from the wonder that is breastfeeding.  And we did it in public!

Thank you to moms everywhere for all the magical things you do every day.  And if you’re looking for a gift for a special mom in your life this Mother’s Day please consider the book “She Inspires 365”.  You can order it on sheinspires365.com or you can pick one up at Powell’s in Portland.  They are just $25.

Children nurse baby dolls


Thank you to moms: Amy, Dee, Elise, Eve, and Phoebe and all our beautiful children!

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