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Day 131: “I am inspired by science that acknowledges, and builds upon, the centrality of human interaction for health. Our culture is intoxicated by the appeal of exotic future technologies, but ultimately it is human interaction that makes a difference … Continue reading

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Day 130: “I do hair so I get a lot of my inspiration from fashion and nature.  But I would have to say that my inspiration in life would mainly be my family, friends, and more than anything people treating … Continue reading

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View of Ivy

Day 129: She didn’t look up, just straight ahead, determined to find Mom and Dad.

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Day 128: “While I have worn various titles, I have realized that what’s important is the underlying mission that we serve as people.  Community media has been a wonderful avenue for finding and expressing my voice, and an opportunity for … Continue reading

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Day 127: Petals for bold thoughts A life lived through pen and ink What’s real bravery?

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Day 126: I’ve seen Kate play several times at Artichoke Music on Hawthorne and once in the shadows of the great fir trees at the base of the Cascade Range as summer faded into autumn.  Moody and uplifting, her vocals … Continue reading

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Steph & Liz

Day 125: “People are often surprised to find out that Steph and I are sisters, not so much because we don’t look alike, but because we are such great friends. Complete strangers have stopped us on the street excitedly inquiring … Continue reading

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Day 124: “My great-grandparents immigrated in the early 1900s from northern Italy to southern Illinois, where my great-grandfather earned enough money as a coal miner to buy some land, build a house and a barn, and start a farm. He … Continue reading

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Day 123: “I love being outdoors, especially walking my yellow Labrador, Jera … I got married in the Oneonta Gorge, just east of Multnomah Falls in March 2002, when the walls were covered in bright green moss.  It was like a … Continue reading

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