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Halloween Baby

Day 11: Sandy was born on Halloween – could you imagine a better date for a birthday?  Every year there are costume parties and candy!  Sandy is less than 5 feet tall but she packs a punch bigger than anyone I know.  She lives in NYC now but once upon a time we were roommates in college.  I could barely keep up with her then and I don’t stand a chance now.  She was and always will be the quintessential party girl, someone who knows how to have a good time like it’s her job.  She’s an artist, a great dancer, a steadfast friend and would take a bullet for anyone she loves.  She loves hard and true.  She saw in me something that I could not see in myself and brought out a new side of me, a more fun, worry-free side that I never knew existed.  Because of her I figured out that I didn’t always have to take myself so seriously.  We had Madonna dance parties in her room, painted on our windows and played outside like children.  I’m grateful for her friendship and I know it will help me stay young at heart forever.  


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