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An International Traveler

Day 7:  Kelly is a traveler, an adventurer, a free spirit.  At any moment she could be emailing me from Liberia, Figi, Japan, or Brazil.  She’s not afraid to explore a foreign country alone and I greatly admire this about her.  She immerses herself in other cultures and languages and works diligently to protect the Earth’s biodiversity.  She packs light and does not rest often.  Two years ago my sisters and I met her in Costa Rica and we saw a hundered beautiful places because of her passion for waking up early, hiking a little farther, and searching for something new around the bend.  

I’ve known Kelly since the day her and her twin sister, Kristy, were born.  Our parents were best friends at Rutgers University and we grew up together playing in tree houses, exploring the stream behind her house and the wildlife of New Jersey (which included a lot of road kill!).  We spend a lot of time apart now but we are family and we will always be close and I will always look forward to seeing her and listening to stories about her latest adventure.  

This picture was made in July on Canon Beach when Kelly visited Oregon on her first trip to the Northwest.  I was grateful for the opportunity to finally introduce her to a new place!

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