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Halloween Baby

Day 11: Sandy was born on Halloween – could you imagine a better date for a birthday?  Every year there are costume parties and candy!  Sandy is less than 5 feet tall but she packs a punch bigger than anyone … Continue reading

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Steel Magnolias

Day 10: Grandma G. and Grandma Kay are the kind of grandmothers who make you feel like they are your grandmothers.  This photo is from Greg and Kyla’s wedding which took place just a few short weeks ago.  Before that … Continue reading

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Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Day 9: It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in March and I was wondering around downtown Portland on an empty stomach, wishing for Thai food.  I spotted the bright red food cart from down the block and I ran up … Continue reading

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An Angel in the City

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. – Maya Angelou Day 8: Lynsey lives in a place where everyone is beautiful, talented and confidently driven to succeed.  When I go to Los … Continue reading

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An International Traveler

Day 7:  Kelly is a traveler, an adventurer, a free spirit.  At any moment she could be emailing me from Liberia, Figi, Japan, or Brazil.  She’s not afraid to explore a foreign country alone and I greatly admire this about … Continue reading

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Silent Sparrow

Day 6:  I made this picture last winter with Lindsay on one of our day hikes in the Columbia River Gorge.  She is as at home in the forest as a wood sprite and has been unyielding in her pursuit to make a career … Continue reading

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Ella Bella

Day 5: Ella Bella.  This is the oldest daughter of my dear friends Lilach and Rod.  I met Ella over seven years ago in New York City when she was just a tiny baby.  I worked for Lilach at the … Continue reading

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Celebrating Erica

Day 4 of an untitled project: Erica.  In May she graduated from college and is currently pursuing a career in production design.  She is a brilliant artist and frequently inspires me with her unpredictable installations which have included giant handmade … Continue reading

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KYLA (& Day 3)

Two weeks ago Kyla married Greg.  This is one of many sweet moments during the three-day celebration when family and friends stepped in to help take care of the glowing bride.  The rest of the time Kyla was clearly focused … Continue reading

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